Our Fleet Card provides your accounting department with a convenient and easy-to-read monthly invoice and statement with detailed and concise information about your fleet's fueling transactions. Our Fleet Card enables your company to increase control of your fueling expenses, monitor overall fuel consumption while saving your company valuable work time in the office and at the service station. You'll see first-hand the "full-service" our stations have to offer at very competitive rates.

The Fleet Card system is fully supported by a team of dedicated personnel available to provide you with prompt and courteous service.

Get What You Need From Your Fuel Provider


The Fleet Card program offers strong controls against fraudulent purchases. We achieve this by imprinting the vehicle's license plate number on the Fleet Card. Shell Station service attendants verify the imprinted number at the time of fueling. If the license plate number on the vehicle does not match the number on the fuel card, fuel will not be dispensed.


Fueling at Shell's full-service pumps will afford your company increased efficiency through personal service. Valuable time is saved due to the hard work of our Shell attendants, meaning more time your employees can devote to working for you. This full-service is priced at self-serve rates; that’s correct, full-service at self-service prices.


Detailed and easy-to-read monthly invoices are the key to accurate accounting for your business. Information regarding your vehicle transactions are broken down by date and time, receipt number, Shell service station location, product description, gallons purchased, unit price and total purchased amount. Our invoicing format has proven to be a valuable tool for your accounts payables department. Such accounting documentation is additionally beneficial when it comes to verifying audits or tax information.

Why Shell?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Best Fleet Card management program for your vehicle fleet
  • Enhanced electronic sales processing capability
  • Unparalleled customer service, as proven by many of our existing customers who've switched to Shell Card from other competitor programs
  • Allows you total complete control of your fleet business while saving time and money.

A Card to Fit Your Needs

We have developed a range of cards to fit your specific needs. Each card offering provides a broad range of services available to suit your daily business requirements.

Fleet Card

  • Control fuel and lubricant purchases
  • Assign one Shell Card to each vehicle in your fleet

Restricted Card

  • Control fuel type purchased

Container Card

  • Ideal during power outages
  • Essential for equipment filling requirements
  • Restricted to approved container fills only

Corporate Card

  • Designed to provide managed flexibility for the corporate executive
  • A "must" for the executive on the go