Prepaid Wireless

With no contracts, no term commitments, no credit checks, no monthly bills or deposits required, IT&E PrePaid Wireless Service makes using your PCS phone simple and convenient. You can make as many calls as you want, because you set the budget.

Prepaid Cards

Using Prepaid Wireless cards is easy. Choose from six languages when you program your phone including English, Chamorro, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Mandarin. And whenever you use your Prepaid Wireless Service, a prompt will tell you the exact balance in your account.

IT&E Prepaid Wireless Cards come in $5, $10 or $20 denominations with the option to replenish your account using a credit card or cash.

IT&E Prepaid Wireless Cards are available at all IT&E offices and at participating retail outlets.

Terms and Condition:

  • Customer must keep a positive balance to make and/or receive calls.
  • Customer is charged for incoming and outgoing local calls.
  • Calls are billed in one (1) minute increments.
  • When the remaining balance reaches one minute, services will be suspended until additional airtime is deposited to your Prepaid PCS Phone.
  • Services are suspended if account balance reaches zero. If the balance is zero for 45 consecutive days, a reconnection fee may apply.
  • If balance is zero for 90 consecutive days, the account will be closed and subject to new Prepaid Terms and Conditions if reactivated. The Prepaid number previously assigned will be recycled.
  • Funds are not refundable or transferable
  • Prepaid Wireless cards are valid for 60 days once loaded into the Prepaid Wireless Phone.
  • Customer is responsible for all taxes and levies that may apply, including, local, federal, and, international taxes, and other regulatory fees that may apply.
  • Roaming services not available with Prepaid PCS service.
  • Prepaid numbers are pre-assigned.

Contact our partner IT&E for further information at (671) 922-4483.

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